As this dreadful year comes to a close, it is hard to think what has been achieved at Birkhill, the stop – start of the lockdown restrictions limited the plans to improve the look of the platform embankment gardens, but we did manage to get  one of our main projects for the year done – which was the Fire Clay Mine Hutch renovation and display and the completion of the redecorating of the station side room and rejigging the exhibition area to make it a more social distancing friendly area just in case things did improve from a pandemic point of view, but a lass they didn’t.

So what’s the plans for 2021 once we are safe to return! -We have the restart of the Lamphut renovation project, we need to get back on top of the gardens (expecting to see them like they where when the group was formed in 2014), repaint the platform lighting posts and stands, complete the painting of the benches and look at the restoration of a couple of luggage trolleys that are in disrepair in a compound down at Bo’ness.