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Thats it! Summer almost finished!

Well that was a quick summer!  thankfully the platform embankment walled garden has still got plenty of colour left in it, but is starting to look tired and it will soon be time for the big clean up. This weekend was Thomas the Tank Engine – DOWT prep. – bunting, signs, banners & power cable laying, took a little longer than usual this time around due to the heavy down pours but we got there, however we ran out of time to do more work on the grounded carriage.  We are hopefully this will be complete before the end of September.

Sunday got up early again to capture a shot of peppercorn A1 Class 60163 Tornado on its way down to Bo’ness for the week having ran the Aberdonian rail-tour on 31st August. Birkhill has seen some great engines this year, hopefully we will have the same opportunities in 2020!

There is a video in the Gallery 2019 station visitors page of Tornado with the empty coach stock and supporting West Coast Railway’s Class 37.