Scrub Scrub Weed!

Meadow Walk Picnic Area

Work commenced on the tidy up of the Meadow Walk picnic area on Saturday, one of the first tasks was to remove years of grime from the picnic tables and after plenty of elbow grease. The weather was poor but three out four tables where cleaned and are now ready for a coat of paint. The next task is to cut the grass area and a general tidy up


Mine Haulage System

Work also commenced on the clearing of the mass of brambles & nettles overgrowth at the top section of the old Birkhill Fireclay Mine Haulage system, once cleared it will provide a good view of the track & pulley system used to move the ‘Hutches’ up from the mine entrance.




DOWT Preperation Continues

One of the last tasks for the Birkhill team before the Thomas Weekend (13th & 14th May) is to put up the buntin, banners, posters and a general clean up. As it has been for a few weeks the weather was once again kind to allow some grass strimming to be done too!

Wagon recovery from station loop

A little interest was created for the team first thing Saturday morning of the arrival of class 37 37703 used to collect wagons from the loop at Birkhill.  The wagons had been used during the week as part of the drainage installation and the 2nd platform prep work.


Blue Bells are in there somewhere!

The Birkhill Group, continued clearing the overgrown vegetation on the embankment on the north side of the bridge. As we got deeper into the brambles, nettles and saplings spots of blue began to appear. I suspect this will be the first time in years they have managed to show themselves. There is a little bit of work left to do along the fence, but hopefully the supressed bells and other wild flowers will get a chance to show there colours.

             Before                                       After                                         View from the Bridge


Drainage & Platform Pre-Works Continues

The Civils team have been hard at it again, with a further three drainage chambers complete or near complete. Work was also undertaken on the embankment on the south side of the proposed new platform,this has made it a lot tidier and will help enhance the views to the top of the bank where a great showing of Blue Bells will visible in the next week. The spoil to be used as backfill once the platform work commences.

Preparing for ‘Thomas’

Its getting close to the first of this season’s Day’s Out With Thomas on 13th & 14th May, and so preparation work for the event at Birkhill has commenced. Clearing the over growth to the car park area was the main activity of the day once started it quickly came apparent it had not been done for some time! One of the original picnic tables was also moved to the area to provide an additional area to sit.

Spring Clean

Station building outside got a well deserved wash and brush in preparation for the new running season. The waiting room was also treated to a little clean up too!