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Birkhill Update

With normal services being resumed on the railway and the 2022 running season has commenced it is time to provide a little update on what the Birkhill team has being doing over the last month or so. Cabling for the platform lights has been installed as part of the first fix activities, however there is a little bit more work to be done to the freshening up of the lanterns and the lamp posts before the trunking can be fitted prior to the final connections can be made.  The Copes along the West platform are having there joints re grouted but, a bit like painting the white platform edge line, its a long thankless last, however at the time of writing this post approximately a third of the platform has now been done.

Since the last post we have had a few WCR class 37s pass along the track between Bo’ness and Manuel in support of a few rail tours a couple of video clips will be uploaded onto a separate post soon.

Back to the work at hand at the station, the embankment has had a clean up and thinned out so that the daffodils and bluebells are visible from the coaches.