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Lamp Hut Renovation Update

Whilst the weather has been good, work has progressed at a good pace, temporary cladding has been fitted to to the south side of the hut, north side and front has been cut back to clean timber, preservatives painted on it and then finished with a primer undercoat.

The new foundation timbers have been installed around all four side secured to the brick & concrete base using plugs and coach screws. a DPC membrane was also installed between the brick and timber. The internal framework uprights, had like the base itself, had rotted away and so cut to height where there was good timber, new sections are to be fitted and secured to the new base.

The next job is to fit temporary cladding around the bottom of the hut until such times replica 6″ x 1″ cladding can be sourced at a reasonable pre pandemic price. This will at least make it water tight. Following the cladding and priming, the 6″ x 6″ post sections are to be spliced into the remaining good sections of the original hut.