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Birkhill Update

During the course of April, the focus of work was on essential maintenance and preparation for what the post lockdown would allow the railway to do. Test trains have been passing through the station mainly for refresher training but did provide an optimistic feeling at Birkhill while carrying out the tasks at hand of painting the white safety lines along the platforms of Birkhill and Manuel, repainting and sorting out the platform signs. The original ‘Alight Here For the Clay Mine’ sign had new letters cut from templates that can now be used for future signs at the station.

Now that the group is back to the full strength (only the two of us……..smiles) work has commenced on making the embankment of the second platform a bit more presentable for, hopefully, the soon to be new running season, it is intended to clear all the overgrown growth, and level off the areas that collect water so that it is a little more pleasing to the eye while we wait for the next stage of the platform build. As you will see from the picture below, two pairs of hands and backs does help to speed things up! After two shifts all the overgrowth has been removed and leveling off has commenced.