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Birkhill Update

Work commenced  on the second of the three projects outlined at the beginning of the year and just before the pandemic restrictions where implemented, РThe Lamp Hut renovation, which, over the years has seen the gradual deterioration of the lower framework and outer cladding. The first task to be performed will be the fitting of a secure temporary door to replace the nailed down panel that covered the entrance. Once this has been completed then a full assessment can take place and a plan of action drawn up. More to come over the following weeks on this project. Meanwhile work continued on the Clay Mine hutch display with the fitting of some of the ironwork bracketry and the repainting of the the metal protection plate. Unfortunately only four sections of the original timbers where in a condition to be saved so it is the intent to use these for the front / platform side of the hutch and hopefully these will be installed by the next shift.