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Weekend Update – The first real Spring day

After inspecting the paint put down last weekend on  the toilet area  floor,  first impressions are that it has taken very well and has helped with the whole transformation of the room creating a clean looking environment. A little time was spent removing the masking tape before going outside for a change and working on the embankment garden which still had several piles of leaves that had been raked down over the Christmas period that needed removing. Once these had been cleared, work started on clearing the gardens of all the remaining dead wood, leaves and die backs, this will be the challenge for a while before getting out the spade & hoe to turnover the soil and make everything presentable again.

The daffodils are now starting to ‘trumpet’ out, there always appears to be more each year, hopefully this is because of the leaf clearing done every winter! The primroses recovered from around the new signal-box area last year are also doing very well the picture is under the large conifer to the side of the station.

The grounded coach plastic hanging baskets have served there purpose and have been replaced with new rattan pyramid baskets which hopefully will provide a much more authentic look.

Going back inside for a short while (filling up the coffee cup really) two new prints where positioned against the newly painted walls once a final position has been found they will hopefully provide a little more interest to future visitors.

Finally, when you are on your own and stand back and look down the platform you begin to realise how big a job it is to help maintain a station like Birkhill doing just volunteering hours, the enormity of the challenge is immense, however it is nothing compared to Covid-19 and what that might bring to us all in the coming weeks and months…so keep well, keep safe and remember to think of your neighbours at this time and all the NHS & Essential Workers who we rely on during national events we all need to do our thing and think of others less fortunate to us.