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Rain what Rain??

Well doesn’t the weather change a lot these days!!  Expecting rain the plan was to just work on the platform embankment cutting back the vegetation, but within 5 minutes of arriving at the station the rain stopped so the plans for the day changed for the good.  Firstly, the leaf blower came out and within 15 minutes 3/4 of the platform was cleared of leaves. What a labour / time saving tool that is going to be!

The next job was to matt varnish the Caledonian Map, nervously applying a little at a time to see how it would react with the printing ink but didn’t need to worry as the ink was okay and it actually gave it some age!

Next it was priming the newly installed bolster to the front left of the station roof and also to the remaining untreated timbers on the grounded coach. Whilst this was drying the recently acquired Japanese Handsaw came out of the tool bag and we commenced cutting down some of the many overhanging saplings near to the lamp hut, this will help in getting light to the plants in the wall garden as they had started to block out the sun which is short at the south end of the platform.