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Its February Already!!

Its been  cold end to January, but this has not stopped work at Birkhill!

The Monday Squad have been busy concreting in the footbridge shutters on the West Platform- http://www.srpsbirkhillgroup.org.uk/?page_id=1031 and replacing worn out sleepers, whilst the Birkhill team have been working on the station garden and exhibition room floor.

Every year the paint lifts and cracks and is either due to the concrete, not enough paint who knows! So we have decided to scrape the surface layer of paint to see if we can get to the bottom of the lifting, some of the worst areas appears to have an uneven ‘dimple’ affect (probably from the small pieces of aggregate used in the original laying of the concrete) so as its walked on, the paint quickly wears away. Fingers crossed that we find a solution this year as the old knees are struggling on the cold floor and it is a chore not needed!